It is the belief of T.C.C. that Maintenance should be as important to you as a Helmet or Leathers!  


We believe that a well maintained ride will save you money in the long run, as well as, may save your life in the case of an emergency situation!  

Your Safety is Paramount to us, and if you want to GO hard, you must be able to Stop and go around corners Safely as well. So we produce packages that allow you to do this Safely!

Let us maintain your ride to the Highest standard, so you get safely home after a ride!   




Tuning for Power or Economy is now simple. EFI allows us to set up your bike for either Power or Economy.
So if you’re going on a Trip and want to cruise in comfort and have a few extra miles per tank, let us know !  We'll adjust your bikes EFI to do that!   



We have spent a lot of time explaining to people that a “Major Service” is like adding 10 HP to your bike.  The bike can only run at its optimum if the systems designed by the manufacturer are working as per design!  

If you purchase a bike, the first thing you should do is have a “Major Service” carried out by your preferred Shop, this allows you to know what you have bought is working as per its design!  

Oil and Filter changes ARE NOT SERVICES! No Manufacturer has a Oil and Filter Only Service!